Dyed Mulch

Our dyed mulches are made strictly from the innards of trees. Red Mulch, Black mulch, Brown mulch. We allow this material to season and dry before we process and dye the wood fiber. This process maximizes the absorption of the dye, allowing the color to stay for a longer time. Proper application for dyed mulch (red mulch, black mulch, brown mulch) is 2-4 inches.


Topsoil is the upper, outermost layer of soil where most nutrients for plants are found.  Topsoil has the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms and is where most of the Earth's biological soil activity occurs.

This soil is a great all-purpose solid, designed for growing shrubs, trees and other plants that thrive in a fungal dominated environment. Plants generally concentrate their roots in and obtain most of their nutrients from topsoil.

Our topsoil is a premium grade topsoil. We screen all the material and mix composted manure and sand into it. It is thus high in nutritional content and has a rich dark color. A perfect topsoil choice for your garden or lawn.

RCA (Recycled Concrete Aggregate)

Our RCA is a crushed concrete product reduced to a size of 1 inch minus. RCA is a great substitute for quarry processed item 4 material. Use RCA as an aggregate base course for your landscape or construction projects.

Playground Mulch

Our playground mulch is organic, made only of shredded wood chips. Our double-ground engineered playground mulch is top in its class for safety and comfort during play. With proper installation, playground owners and managers can be assured that they have minimized the risk of injury caused by outdoor play. Playground mulch should be installed 9+ inches deep to achieve optimum shock absorbency.  ​


Mulches provide a protective layer over the root system of plants, which protects the plants from harsh weather conditions in the summer and winter months. This protective layer also provides a barrier to enhance the moisture retention within the topsoil below (improves moisture retention by 25% on average). In addition, mulch enhances the aesthetic value of the beds by creating a uniform appearance. As the mulch breaks down and decomposes, it replenishes the many nutrients needed for the surrounding plant life.

Hardwood Mulch

Our hardwood mulch is a single ground product that is a rougher texture than our root mulch. Hardwood mulch consists of hardwood tree and bark material and is chunkier, but lasts longer due to larger size of the material. Hardwood mulch has good moisture retention and great weed and undergrowth suppression qualities. Hardwood mulch should be spread at a depth of 3-5 inches.​

Premium Fine Root Mulch

Our root mulch is a premium quality double ground product that is aged to a darker, richer and finer texture than regular hardwood mulch. The root mulch is a mix of all types of tree material and is allowed to compost a bit making it high in nutritional value. Root mulch spreads very easily allowing it to cover a wider area while providing excellent moisture retention and weed suppression. As this mulch decomposes and breaks down, it acts as a natural soil conditioner. Root mulch can be applied directly on top of last year's root mulch as it will continue to break down and enrich the soil. Root mulch should be spread at a depth of 2-3 inches

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